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Architectural metal ceiling systems are installed for their aesthetics, durability, and acoustical properties. Panels sizes range from 4” linear to  sizes of 4’x8’. The wide range of finishes available makes metal ceilings practical for all designs: from natural metal finishes, for the industrial look, to powder-coated colors for a bright contrast.

The acoustical value of a metal ceiling is achieved from sound passing through  perforations in the metal and being absorbed by an acoustical backer.  Micro- perforations can be barely visible to the naked eye from 10’or completely open wire mesh ceiling can allow the deck above to be visible.  The possibilities with metal ceilings are endless.

The latest trend in metal ceilings has been in the faux wood finish category.  The quality of the faux finishes today give the warm look of wood with the consistency and stability of a metal ceiling.